Works with LangChain, LlamaIndex, or Custom Apps. No rewrite required.

Prototype to Production LLM App in Minutes

Chat History Memory. Vector Search. Data Enrichment. Embeddings. And More.

Fast, scalable building blocks for LLM apps

A single platform for memory, search, and enrichment means managing less infrastructure.

Zep is an open source platform for productionizing LLM apps. Using Zep's components, you can go from a prototype built in LangChain or LlamaIndex, or a custom app, to production in minutes without rewriting code.

Use Zep with the languages and frameworks you love

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Zep Collection

A Vector DB with a Great Developer Experience

Run semantic search over both chat histories and documents. Filter search results using metadata and/or Zep's named entity extraction and intent analysis output.

Automatic embedding with local, low-latency models, OpenAI, or bring your own vectors.

Thoughtful API design makes integrating into LLM apps simple and fast.

Zep automatically tunes queries, and adding, updating, and deleting documents is simple and fast.

Chat History Memory and Enrichment

Populate your prompts with relevant chat history. Use Zep's automatic message enrichment to build powerful tools for agents, enhance prompts, or find relevant conversations using hybrid semantic search.

Automatic summarization of past messages based on a configurable window.

Named entity and intent extractors populate message metadata with an analysis of the user's intent, extracted topics, and relevant facts.

Save your own custom metadata to messages and the user's session profile. Include this data in your prompts.

Zep Message History with Enrichments
Zep Users

Manage Users and their Chat Sessions

Users and their Chat Sessions are first-class citizens in Zep, allowing you to manage user interactions with your bots or agents easily. Associate your own metadata with Users or Sessions to power stateful experiences across chat sessions.

Support for Python, TypeScript, and your favorite LLM frameworks

LangChain, LlamaIndex, & more

LangChain and LlamaIndex ship with Zep integrations, letting you implement Zep in minutes. Or use Zep's Python and TypeScript SDKs to implement Zep in your custom app.

Zep with LangChain.js
Easily get started with Zep

Open source.
Simple to deploy.

Deploy using docker-compose, Kubernetes, or to Cloud service coming soon!