Long-Term Memory for
AI Assistants.

Instantly recall, understand, & extract data from chat histories. Power personalized AI experiences.

Data Collections

Simple, high-performance RAG

Add business data and documents relevant to the current conversation to your prompts. No vector database needed.

Users & Chat Sessions Management

Purpose-built for Assistants

Users and their Chat Sessions are first-class citizens in Zep, allowing you to easily manage user interactions with your Assistant.

Get running in minutes.

SDKs for your favorite languages and frameworks.








Manage Privacy

Comply with corporate and regulatory mandates for records retention while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations such as CCPA and GDPR.

Archive Messages

Meet corporate and regularity records retention mandates.

Right To Be Forgotten

Fulfill requests with a single API call or via the Zep Web App.

Up to 80% faster than major LLMĀ providers

Zep won't slow down your user experience. Memory recall, dialog classification, data extraction and more run in a fraction of the time of similar functionality implemented using leading LLMĀ vendors.

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